I Finally Joined a Dating App

I told myself I would never because it wasn’t for me, but then a friend of mine said something that completely changed my perspective on dating apps.

Well, we have come a long way.

I’m 28-years-old and have never in my life even entertained the idea of joining a dating app. I had my misconceptions about them just like everyone else and I was completely unwilling to let go of the idea that meeting someone in person was the only way… the right way.

Now, a little backstory on me that I think is important when discussing this topic: I’m the kind of girl everyone would think doesn’t need to go on a dating app. I’m a pretty girl in the eyes of society. I’ve dated a couple of famous musicians as well as professional athletes. In general, I have no problem finding someone at a bar or even on a trip to the supermarket.

My Instagram DM’s are flooded with guys asking me out.

So, what the hell am I doing on a dating app?

I’m going to let you in on a little realization I had… nobody actually needs a dating app.

We are all capable of finding someone in person if we wanted to and put in the time/effort it takes but dating apps have created this new modern dating culture that is an easier way to meet people. Who doesn’t like when someone takes a problem and creates a solution making your life easier?

Apparently, I didn’t.

I, along with many others have strongly misjudged them as a place for either, A) people who are not good looking and have trouble finding love, and B) people who just want casual sex at the swipe of a finger.

I’m here to tell you, it is neither. Not anymore.

Maybe, in the very beginning, that was what they were all about, but my god have dating apps changed in the last few years. I was shocked to find out how many there were, and that even celebrities have their own exclusive app called Raya. When did this happen? I felt like I had been sleeping under a rock when it came to the evolution of dating apps. I only knew of Tinder and that was seedy as hell.

So how did I end up on a dating up and which one?

It all started on a dinner date with my girlfriend. She was telling me how she just joined a dating app called Hinge, and she was having a really good time. I’d never heard of it and was still, unfortunately, in a very judgemental state.

“Why the heck are you on something like that? You’re too pretty, you really don’t need a dating app.”

So, she explained to me why, and it was the most enlightening thing I ever heard and completely changed my mind about dating apps.

There are 7.6 billion people in the world and 0.01% of 7 billion is around something like 500,000 people. You could be the most outgoing person in the world, meeting thousands of new people a day, and by the time you are 90 — you would have met less than 0.01% of the population. You haven’t even scratched the surface of the world population. You will never be able to meet every single person in the world. Not even half, or a third or even 0.01%!

This was mind-blowing information. What are the chances of you ever meeting your soulmate with those statistics?

And this was my friend’s point.

She was scared that she might miss out on someone really special because of the impossibility of meeting so many people so quickly. She can be the most beautiful girl in the world and meet handsome guys at bars left and right, but she would still be missing out on that 99% of the population. It freaked her out. She wanted to make sure she was utilizing every tool possible to help her find at least one of her soulmates in the world.

She wanted to at least try to increase her connections because the guy on the dating app might not be her soulmate, but guess what? His sister’s best friend’s brother might be! And every time you meet someone new, you are connected to even more people.

This is a dating app’s biggest pro, the ability to meet hundreds of people you would have never met otherwise. It broadens your circle and brings you a step closer to finding the one.

That is why my friend hopped on the wagon, and that is how she got me hooked.

She truly changed the way I viewed dating apps and I immediately went home that night and researched some of the most popular ones. I came to the same conclusion as my friend; Hinge is the best because it’s more serious and a little classier than the others. I was also genuinely surprised by how good looking the guys are and how many of them don’t even have Instagram!

I liked that. A lot.

I’ve only been on Hinge for a couple of weeks now, so I’ll be doing a more full review on the app and experience in a month or so when I’ve gone out on a few dates.

For now, I want to encourage you to give those apps a chance because there is more to them than you think!

Stay tuned.

Eternal optimist and writer by profession. Navigating through life and all of its lessons while hopefully uplifting my readers along the way.

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