How to Be Good In Bed As a Man

A simplified guide on being good in bed as a man and all you need to know to rock her world.

A few weeks ago, I published a post on how to be good in bed as a woman, and if you read that, you’ll know a raunchy little podcast called Call Her Daddy started this whole quest of mine to uncover what deems someone as good when it comes to sex.

Of course, I didn’t want to leave the men hanging, so here’s how to be good in bed as a man:

1. Take charge.

I think I speak for most women when I say we love a man that takes charge, a man who knows what he wants and has no insecurities about it.

We love a little bit of domination…

But I don’t mean that in a Fifty Shades of Grey way! Just telling a woman to get on the bed or take her clothes off is more than enough. It’s you having something you want and going for it, like demanding her to kiss you while having sex or taking the lead in a way that renders her a little helpless because you know exactly what you’re doing.

It doesn’t have to be extreme at all, but man does it make all the difference! (And you’d be surprised to know how few men actually do this.)

2. Foreplay 101.

Women need foreplay, we all know this by now…

But what is it really? Foreplay is when you tease your actions and create anticipation for your next move. It is you making someone want your touch by not giving it to them directly.

Foreplay is not you fingering her! Foreplay is you placing your hand on her inner thigh and slowly making your way where she wants you. You don’t go diving into things with full force.

I think men don’t realize how sensitive we are to simple touch.

3. Armed with arms.

I’m going to tell you something that might sound a little silly… but we are obsessed with your arms.

And no, not because of how they look, but what you do with them!

There is something so incredibly sexy about a man’s arm when he puts it back while reversing a car or slips it behind your seat at a table, or when he puts them against the wall while kissing you and you feel a little trapped in the best way possible. Pulling up his sleeves, leaning against them, looking at his watch… I could go on and on.

We are obsessed, ok?

How does this work in sex? Well, for example in missionary put your arm (or arms) above her, holding the headboard of the bed. Literally every single woman has said that this simple act makes the whole experience much more hotter. If you’re in a position where she isn’t facing you (spooning, the lap dance etc.), slip your arm around right above her chest.

4. Fuck!

Men don’t really express themselves vocally in bed, and I completely understand. While a woman is moaning and screaming, you might feel like she isn’t paying attention to what’s coming out of your mouth… but I promise, we are paying attention and love to hear you guys express yourselves too!

Even just hearing a guy say “Fuck” during sex is a huge turn on. Probably since men are usually so quiet that when we get something — anything out of them, it’s a massive accomplishment and gets us into a frenzy.

So don’t be shy with using your voice a little more because we are definitely craving it!

5. Good girl.

We assume men are better in bed compared to women because we assume they have more experience. We assume they have more experience because men have the freedom to be more sexually active without judgement. When we get with a man — we tend to unconsiously think about this experience.

How many women has he slept with? Am I any good? How do I compare? Am I doing it right?

I think it’s only human nature to wonder those things… but if you want her to feel really good when she’s with you, telling her she’s making you feel good is the way to go.

6. Ultimate sex god.

Being great in bed not enough? You want to become the ultimate sex god? I have two words for you: romance novels. They are a treasure trove into a woman’s mind that men are truly sleeping on.

Romance novels are not what they once were when our mothers used to read them. I would know, I’ve read hundreds of them throughout my twenties as have my friends. They are massively popular because of how modern they’ve become mixed with very mature (very HOT) sexual content.

Basically very high quality porn for women in text version.

Our fantasies and dream men have been created by books. Some of the hottest sex scenes we’ve ever encountered have been in the pages of an inconspicuous romance novel.

So, do yourself a massive favor and forget porn, youtube videos, advice columns and what your friends have said and go read a couple romance books. The good thing is you’ll start noticising a pattern early on, a very particular kind of man and sex that women seem to go crazy for.

Where to find romance books? Head over to:!

The tags you want to look into are: Romance, New Adult and Adult.

Happy loving!

Eternal optimist and writer by profession. Navigating through life and all of its lessons while hopefully uplifting my readers along the way.

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