If you’ve ever been referred to as the nice guy or rejected by women for being too nice, read this to understand what it really means.

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I’ve been watching the new season of Love Island UK and in the reality show a sweet little guy called Hugo, who despite being everyone’s favourite, is also the one no one wants to date. He gets rejected by pretty much all of the women for being… well, too nice.

Ahh, the nice guy... always loved yet never in that way.

The show and Hugo’s dilemma inspired me to delve into this topic a little because it’s something that truly baffles men, and I don’t blame them one bit! …

Here are the five main signs to look for when trying to figure out if she’s into you or not.

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1. How she texts you.

Girls are notorious for making the guys they like wait a couple of hours before replying back. It’s just something we have learned to do so we don’t seem too keen and scare him away. We also get extremely nervous when texting someone we really like, taking our time to craft a good message.

If she texts you right away, several weeks later or worse… not at all, then it’s safe to say that you don’t excite her enough.

2. Plans always fall apart.

If it’s been months and you’re still trying to lock down…

How to look younger by taking years off your face without having to go under the knife or needle.

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I’ve had a passion for taking care of my skin and looking young for as long as I can remember. Even in my teens, I was never interested in looking sexier and older like all the other girls. I believe a lot of it had to do with my obsession with Japanese culture at the time, where looking cute and youthful was, and still is, their biggest trend.

So, the youthful look has always appealed to me and I have spent many years learning exactly what makes someone look young, and more importantly — what makes them look older. …

If you want to understand men a little better and even become a better partner, here are a few things you need to know.

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They don’t think of social media the same way women do.

My brother has been in a committed relationship with the woman of his dreams for over five years. He wants to and is going to marry this woman.

However, when he scrolls through his Instagram feed, he likes everyone’s photos. I mean every. single. one. Even the pretty selfie of a girl from work, or a group bikini pic at the beach. It means nothing to him.

Women don’t think the same way. We like photos in a very calculated manner. I’ll sometimes go out of my way to avoid liking a picture my friend posted of her boyfriend! …

Being on the verge of a panic attack can make you feel helpless, but there are ways to quickly calm yourself back down and prevent one.

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I have been there too many times to count. I’m on my way to a party, presenting a project, riding the bus to an appointment, or just having a zoom meeting when the feeling of pure panic decides to erupt inside me.

It doesn’t help that my biggest fear is embarrassing myself in public, and having an attack falls under that category for me. I’d do anything to avoid falling apart in front of others, so for the longest time my anxiety controlled my life…

Until I learned the techniques to not only prevent an attack from happening but to…

When someone you’re currently dating asks you to stop texting them and then it turns into a powerful relationship tip you need to know.

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I had to come here and quickly share something that I thought was so incredibly powerful.

The other night, I was texting a guy I’m currently dating and I naturally tend to share things more easily when hiding behind my screen. However, midway through our semi-serious conversation, he called me.

He asked me (very kindly) to not text him if I have something important to say. At first, I was a little bit confused… excuse me?

How the end of one relationship nearly ended me and redefined the entire course of my life.

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I want to be honest with you guys, when I was younger there was a certain type of woman that I always made fun of in my head, and genuinely thought of myself better than. The type of woman I’m talking about is so easily influenced by her relationship that she is either crying her eyes out because of something her partner did or didn’t do, or she is upending her life and dreams for them.

I made fun of these women because I didn’t understand how you could give someone else that much control over your emotions and the…

If you’re struggling to fall asleep and spend most nights tossing and turning, here’s what you need to change to start falling asleep quickly.

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Sleep issues such as insomnia are relatively common in today’s world. I, for one, have struggled with falling asleep for several years because of my anxiety, and I didn’t really do anything about it until recently.

I think stress and anxiety are, for a lot of people, the main culprits behind their sleepless nights, resulting in frustrating bouts of insomnia that are short-lived or last for long periods of time.

My insomnia had me up until 3–4 am sometimes for several weeks in a row. No matter how exhausted I felt, sleep just wouldn’t come. …

Learn how to make people instantly like you with the power of first impressions.

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I’ve always wanted people to like me, but I wasn’t attracting friendships or relationships the way I would’ve liked, especially when meeting people for the first time. I’d hear from friends later on how I seemed unapproachable. It took time for them to realize I wasn’t how they first perceived me, how I allowed them to perceive me because of my inability to present the best version of myself right off the bat.

I didn’t want people to like me or find me attractive ‘down the line’… I wanted people to be interested in me already during our first encounter.

A simplified guide on being good in bed as a man and all you need to know to rock her world.

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A few weeks ago, I published a post on how to be good in bed as a woman, and if you read that, you’ll know a raunchy little podcast called Call Her Daddy started this whole quest of mine to uncover what deems someone as good when it comes to sex.

Of course, I didn’t want to leave the men hanging, so here’s how to be good in bed as a man:

1. Take charge.

I think I speak for most women when I say we love a man that takes charge, a man who knows what he wants and has no insecurities…

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