A simplified guide on being good in bed as a man and all you need to know to rock her world.

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1. Take charge.

Life changing tips from a skinny girl on how to lose weight without dieting and keep it off for good.

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So you’re probably wondering, “How the hell are you going to help me lose weight if you’ve…

With the rise of social media creating a new breed of beauty, we are heading into our most insecure and fragile states of self.

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When I was younger, I thought I was beautiful in a very…

There has never been a more golden opportunity to make a lot of money online and here’s how I did it.

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An extremely simplified how-to on being good in bed as a woman and all you need to know.

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I told myself I would never because it wasn’t for me, but then a friend of mine said something that completely changed my perspective on dating apps.

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Five really easy ways to become fluent in a foreign language as quickly as possible.

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Blood is thicker than water they say, but sometimes that blood is so toxic you have no choice but to purge it out.

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As dating apps take over the world, are we dropping the idea that one has to be married in order to be happy? Or are we dropping commitment altogether?

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I thought grieving was straight-forward, so I wasn’t prepared for how the death of a loved one almost destroyed me.

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Maria Martins

Eternal optimist and writer by profession. Navigating through life and all of its lessons while hopefully uplifting my readers along the way.

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