When someone you’re currently dating asks you to stop texting them and then it turns into a powerful relationship tip you need to know.

I had to come here and quickly share something that I thought was so incredibly powerful.

The other night, I was texting a guy I’m currently dating and I naturally tend to share things more easily when hiding behind my screen. However, midway through our semi-serious conversation, he called me.

He asked me (very kindly) to not text him if I have something important to say. At first, I was a little bit confused… excuse me?

How the end of one relationship nearly ended me and redefined the entire course of my life.

Artistic photography of a red heart balloon getting popped by a sharp needle against a dark and moody background.
Artistic photography of a red heart balloon getting popped by a sharp needle against a dark and moody background.

I want to be honest with you guys, when I was younger there was a certain type of woman that I always made fun of in my head, and genuinely thought of myself better than. The type of woman I’m talking about is so easily influenced by her relationship that she is either crying her eyes out because of something her partner did or didn’t do, or she is upending her life and dreams for them.

I made fun of these women because I didn’t understand how you could give someone else that much control over your emotions and the…

If you’re struggling to fall asleep and spend most nights tossing and turning, here’s what you need to change to start falling asleep quickly.

Sleep issues such as insomnia are relatively common in today’s world. I, for one, have struggled with falling asleep for several years because of my anxiety, and I didn’t really do anything about it until recently.

I think stress and anxiety are, for a lot of people, the main culprits behind their sleepless nights, resulting in frustrating bouts of insomnia that are short-lived or last for long periods of time.

My insomnia had me up until 3–4 am sometimes for several weeks in a row. No matter how exhausted I felt, sleep just wouldn’t come. …

Learn how to make people instantly like you with the power of first impressions.

I’ve always wanted people to like me, but I wasn’t attracting friendships or relationships the way I would’ve liked, especially when meeting people for the first time. I’d hear from friends later on how I seemed unapproachable. It took time for them to realize I wasn’t how they first perceived me, how I allowed them to perceive me because of my inability to present the best version of myself right off the bat.

I didn’t want people to like me or find me attractive ‘down the line’… I wanted people to be interested in me already during our first encounter.

A simplified guide on being good in bed as a man and all you need to know to rock her world.

A few weeks ago, I published a post on how to be good in bed as a woman, and if you read that, you’ll know a raunchy little podcast called Call Her Daddy started this whole quest of mine to uncover what deems someone as good when it comes to sex.

Of course, I didn’t want to leave the men hanging, so here’s how to be good in bed as a man:

1. Take charge.

I think I speak for most women when I say we love a man that takes charge, a man who knows what he wants and has no insecurities…

Life changing tips from a skinny girl on how to lose weight without dieting and keep it off for good.

A lot of ‘how to lose weight’ articles are usually written by people who want to lose weight. People who understand the struggle and worked hard to successfully become a skinnier and healthier version of themselves, which makes complete sense of course.

I’m not that person.

I’ve been skinny my whole life, in the realm of supermodel measurements and never needed to suffer through a day of dieting. If anything, I’ve wanted to gain weight to become a little curvier and feel sexier.

So you’re probably wondering, “How the hell are you going to help me lose weight if you’ve…

With the rise of social media creating a new breed of beauty, we are heading into our most insecure and fragile states of self.

I was only eighteen when Instagram started creeping into our lives. The first few years focused on nurturing connections, it’s take-over soft and unalarming. I wasn’t too worried about its existence because I’d never been the type to be affected by what’s happening online. I didn’t believe I could be influenced by social media because I had always liked who I was.

Now in my late twenties, I’ve come to recognize just how much all of us have been impacted by this new online world of beauty standards.

When I was younger, I thought I was beautiful in a very…

There has never been a more golden opportunity to make a lot of money online and here’s how I did it.

First of all, I promise I’m not going to tell you to start blogging.

I had a lot of student debt, something probably many of you can relate to, and for some crazy reason I decided that I wanted to pay it off entirely during the year of 2020. I was just so sick and tired of it hanging above my head and effecting all my life decisions.

I wanted it gone.

But in order to do that, I’d have to start earning atleast $5,000 a month. …

An extremely simplified how-to on being good in bed as a woman and all you need to know.

A few months ago I stumbled upon a podcast called Call Her Daddy, an immensely popular yet controversial podcast on all things sex. It was entertaining yet very vulgar, the complete opposite of myself — but I found myself listening to it often, coming to really enjoy women talking about sex with no filter.

These girls really know sex with men, so I definitely gained some insight on the subject matter and even picked up a few tips…

However, it also highlighted my inexperience and made me feel a little insecure about what men want. …

I told myself I would never because it wasn’t for me, but then a friend of mine said something that completely changed my perspective on dating apps.

Well, we have come a long way.

I’m 28-years-old and have never in my life even entertained the idea of joining a dating app. I had my misconceptions about them just like everyone else and I was completely unwilling to let go of the idea that meeting someone in person was the only way… the right way.

Now, a little backstory on me that I think is important when discussing this topic: I’m the kind of girl everyone would think doesn’t need to go on a dating app. I’m a pretty girl in the eyes of society. I’ve dated a…

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